Provide the best possible opportunity for our youth to learn some valuable life lessons, increase their fitness, have fun, and strive to win at this historical North American sport.
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Fort Hunt Girls 1/2 Rules Guideline


Games are 40 minutes length
Four 12 minute quarters (10 minute quarters if one of the two teams only has 2 subs)
5 minute half-time (there is no snack at half-time)
2 minute break in between quarters
Running clock (home team keeps time, not ref)
Number of players on the field (8 vs 8)
7 field players
2 Attack
3 Midfielders
2 Defenders

Goalie – optional but highly recommended that all kids who want a turn in goal, get a turn

If no goalie, then cage is turned so smaller opening is the goal

No score

Draws only to start the quarter.

After goal, ball starts at center with alternate possessions.

Subs can be made only through "the box" after goals or during play. 

One coach allowed on field

On 8m free position, player may shoot provided there is a goal keeper or modified goal.

Goalkeeper may not shoot, draw, score or be between restraining lines during draw

Penalty administration for 3 secons is at the spot of the ball 

No off-sides, but coaches should try to keep two field players back to keep the girls spread out

Girls must pass the ball TWICE on the offensive side of the field.  The pass can originate on the defensive side of the field, as long as the attempted pass is to a player on the offensive side of the field (past midfield).  Goalie clear does not count for one pass.

If your team is proficient at passing, then coaches should put in a 3 pass rule

Officials should not advise players to shoot

Refs have the final word

Disrespectful parents/coaches will be asked to leave the field

Players freeze on ref whistle


Parents sit on the opposite side of the field from the players

Field set up / break down

First teams to play set up the field


Last teams to play break down the field


Home team provides timekeeper

Spectator Area - 4 meter from sideline (must be opposite sideline from coaches/player area) - no exceptions

Mouthguards CANNOT be white, can be two-colored

Soft helmets are allowed

Goalies have to have extra protection on face mask or throat protector

Goal Circle rules - only one player in the Goal Circle at a time.  No other player can have feet, body or Crosse on or over the Goal Circle at any time.

Substitution - unlimited number of players at any time during play, after goals or at half time.  Players must always use the substitution area and may never sub from the bench.  Player coming off has right of way.  Substitutions must be imminent. 

Five types of fouls:  Major Fouls, Minor Fouls, Goal Circle Fouls, Team Foul (restraining line/offside - major), Misconduct (major)

Major Fouls:  Crosse in sphere, Rough/Dangerous check, check to head, slash, dangerous propelling, dangerous follow-through, Illegal Contact, Cross-Check, Illegal Use of Crosse, Three Seconds, Obstruction of Free Space to Goal, Dangerous Shot, Forcing Through, Pushing, Reach Across Body, Blocking, Charging, Illegal Pick, Detaining, Hooking, False Start, Tripping, Holding, Play Ball off Opponent, Illegal Shot, Illegal Deputy

Minor Fouls:  Covering, Empty Stick Check, Warding, Hand Ball, Squeeze Head of Crosse, Improper Use of Crosse, Illegal Draw, Illegal Crosse, Resumption of Play, Improper Equipment, Illegal Substitute, Delay of Game, Play from Out of Bounds, Illegal Re-Entry, Illegal Timeout

Penalty Administration:  For major fouls anywhere on the field, the offending player will stand 4m behind the player taking the free position.  For minor fouls anywhere on the field, the offending player will stand 4m away in the direction from which she approached before committing the foul. 

The Sphere:  An imaginary area of 18cm or 7 inches surrounding the head.  

Three Second Violation:  No longer a foul in Girls 1/2.  It's replaced with 1 v 1 Defense.


No checking but 3 second rule is enforced

Girls 1/2 Never play down a player due to fouls.


New Defense Rule for Girls 1/2

Called 1 v 1 defense

Three seconds shall not be in effect

Defense players are required to play 1 v 1 defense in the arc

Minor foul set up

Cannot shadow behind goal


Parents and Fans:

We encourage cheering for both teams.

Please don't shout "shoot" from the sidelines.  Players at this age group get confused if fans or parents are shouting one thing and their coaches and refs are instructing players to do something else.  Many times parents and fans on the sideline tell players to shoot when the player and the team they are on have not met the minimum passing rule or when the player is not in the correct position to shoot.  This could increase the chance of injuries if a defender is not in the right position and the player decides to shoot prematurely.   Again, we really encourage cheering for both teams.  But please let the refs ref, the players play and the coaches coach.  

Lacrosse is about having fun, learning the sport and developing relationships that often last a lifetime. As parents, part of your role is to make sure that your child is enjoying the lacrosse experience even as he or she progresses to higher levels of play. Be positive about your child’s participation — winning is not everything. And at the Girls 1/2 level, we do NOT keep score, so winning is not part of the game for this age group.  You and your child will participate in many games over the years, and the friendships and great experiences will certainly stay with both of you much longer than the wins and losses on the field.

You are equally as important to your child’s positive lacrosse experience as the coach of the team. Here are ten tips to help guide you:

1.  Be supportive of your child by giving encouragement and showing an interest in her team.
2.  Attend games whenever possible. If you cannot attend, ask about your child’s experience.
3.  Be a positive role model by displaying good sportsmanship at all times to coaches, officials and opponents. “Honoring the game” is an important part of US Lacrosse.
4.  Let you child set her own goals. Be your child’s “home field advantage” by giving your unconditional support regardless of her on-field performance.
5.  Let the coach coach. Refrain from giving your child advice when she is playing. Also, let the coach know when she is doing a good job.
6.  Respect the decisions of the officials. They are the authority on the field.
7.  Read the rulebook. For a quicker look, check out this year’s rule changes and points of emphasis for girls.
8.  Get to know who is in charge. Meet with the leadership of the program, whether it is school-sponsored or recreational, to discuss topics such as cost, practice and game scheduling, insurance coverage, emergency procedures, etc.
9.  Get involved. Coach or assist, keep score, run the clock, line the fields, manage the equipment, raise funds, coordinate social events, develop an online picture book, help manage the team website, or volunteer in some other way.
10. Enjoy the game. Remember, lacrosse is played for FUN.