Provide the best possible opportunity for our youth to learn some valuable life lessons, increase their fitness, have fun, and strive to win at this historical North American sport.
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Boy's 8U & Scoopers


Boy's 8U

Welcome to Fort Hunt Lacrosse.  We’re really excited about this Spring and look forward to your feedback.  We had so much fun the last few years we’re keeping the same "House" format again.

Spring: Practice begin in  March (usually 1 to 2) practices per week depending on the coach, but at this age attendance depends more on the boy’s schedules than anything else. 

Fall: Practice begins early September and is a 8 week program with one practice and one game during weekdays

 All games will be played on a U9 size field (about 1/3 the size of a normal Lacrosse field) and in accordance with US Lacrosse Youth rules.  

The measure of our success is how much fun your sons have. It’s a great sport.


Boy’s Commissioner

Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse

"A winning tradition, on and off the field"


Boy's Scoopers


Fort Hunt has offered the very popular and fun Boy's Scoopers for over 6 years.  "Scoopers" is a low key fun activity for very young (5 or 6 years olds as of preceding Aug 31) players to have some fun with a lacrosse stick while getting in some physical activity and play with their peers.

When:  Boys clinics are on Sundays or Saturdays in the Spring running 5 consecutive weekends in April to May. Cost is $75.

Location:  Waynewood ES.

Cost:  $75 paid during online registration.

US Lacrosse Membership:  NOT required.

Volunteers:  The more helpers we have at this age level the better.  If you do not have experience playing or coaching, we will make sure you are put in groups with coaches that have experience.  Please let us know if you're interested by emailing us at Please put "scoopers" in the subject line.

Equipment:  Each boy needs a boy's lacrosse stick.  Last year we had a few boys show up with "fiddle sticks" and we soon realized that type of stick proved to be difficult for the boys to learn the game.  Dicks, Sports Authority, Lacrosse Unlimited, and Lax World sell sticks for around $40.  Sticks can be cut down to 36 inches (from the top of the head to the bottom of the pole) and is the ideal length for this age group.

Supervision:  In the interest of creating a very safe environment, we will need a parent/guardian/nanny/grandparent or another boy's parent responsible for your child stay at the field during these clinics; older siblings don't count.  With such a large group and Lacrosse games taking place our field can be a very busy place on Saturday. Dropping off your child isn't an option.



Girls 1/2 Overview


For Girls 1/2 questions please send an email to


Registration for the Spring season went live in December.

76 girls registered, as of March 7th

Dates and Location:

We will hopefully have a March practice schedule from Fort Hunt hopefully during the week of March 7th.  Our practice schedule could change during April and May depending on the status of Fort Hunt's field permit from Fairfax County.

Practices are tentatively scheduled to begin the week of March 7th.  

In addition to one weekday practice per team in March (starting the week of March 7th) we will also have two clinics prior to our first game (April 3rd).  March 13th and, tentatively, March 19th.  Time and Location TBD.

Games will start on Sunday, April 3rd (weather permitting)

One practice per week in April and May

No games on Mother’s Day (May 8th)

Last game will be on Sunday, May 22nd

​No playoffs

Clinics (tentative schedule):

March 13th, Sunday - Girls 1/2 Clinic - 5:15pm-6:30pm - West Potomac High School turf field

March 19th, Saturday - Girls 1/2 Clinic - 1:30pm-2:30pm - Bishop Ireton High School turf field

Rules Summary:

7 vs 7 + optional goalie

2 Attack

2 Defense

3 Midfield

1 Goalie (optional)

Modified pocket

Four (4) ten minute quarters, running clock.  

Goalies are optional.  It's ok if only one of the two teams playing has a goalie.  The team not fielding a goalie will have an inverted goal.  We prefer to provide the opportunity for girls to play goal but do not want to pressure them.

2-pass rule (in the past it used to be 1-pass) - new for 2016 - this is just a Fort Hunt rule

We don't keep score

One coach allowed on the field during games to help get girls into position

Modified field (much shorter field than older age groups)

Players freeze when ref blows whistle

No checking


Practice day and time vary by team

Games are usually on Sunday afternoons at Waynewood ES or Friday nights on the Sandburg or West Po turf

Typically 6-7 scheduled games, we may only have 5-6 games during most seasons due to weather though

No make-up games


Girls 1/2 is determined by grade, not age

1st and 2nd graders

Kindergarten girls who have participated in Scoopers can participate in Girls 1/2 as well

US Lacrosse Membership:  

It is mandatory for girls to be members of US Lacrosse (usually a $25 annual fee). 


Several parents have reached out to us already. Thank you!!  

The more helpers we have at this age level the better.

Although we have several parents coaching 1/2 this year who have played in High School or College, many of our coaches have no previous knowledge of the game. 

If you do not have experience playing or coaching, we will make sure you are put in groups with coaches that do have experience.

Please let us know if you're interested.

We could use a few more coaches this season, especially head coaches.

For those who are interested in being a head coach or assistant coach please email us at


Each girl needs a girls lacrosse stick.

Lacrosse Unlimited, Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority are local stores that sell girls' sticks.

There is a difference between boys' sticks and girls' sticks, so please let us know if you have questions. 

1/2 Girls will also need protective eyewear, mouth guards, and cleats. 

Team Selection Process:

Seven (7) teams

NO evaluations

Teams will be evenly balanced

This is not a perfect process, but it helps to ensure teams are balanced.

If you don’t get the coach you prefer or your daughter doesn’t have her friend on the team, please don't complain as there will be a lot of people in this situation.  Since we can’t possibly honor every request, please don’t have any expectations. 

Priority is on having fun, learning a sport, meeting new friends, and being safe.  The priority shouldn’t be on who’s the coach or which friends will be on the team.   

We will place siblings on the same teams unless parents tell us otherwise.

We will not accept a “list of players” that need to be on the same team from a coach or parent. 

Once teams are set, it’s final.  If your player can’t make a scheduled practice then your player can always join another team for practices.  

We will make sure it works.

"Scoopers" is a low key fun activity for Pre-K (girls that turn 5 prior to June 30th of this year) and Kindergarten players to have some fun with a lacrosse stick while getting in some physical activity and play with their peers.  Kindergarten girls who turn 6 by December 31st of last year and who have participated in two seasons of Scoopers are eligible to participate in Girls 1/2.

All you need is a GIRLS Lacrosse stick. 

We use "soft" lacrosse sized balls for our drills and there is no scrimmaging.

Clinics are usually 1 hour in length. 

Girls' Scoopers clinics are typically on Sunday late afternoons, except for Spring Break and Mother's Day weekend. 

For Spring 2017, our first clinic will start Sunday, March 26th.

For those new to Scoopers, we DO NOT scrimmage or play lacrosse games at this age level.  Why?  We want to keep this as safe and fun as possible for this age group. 

Registration for the Spring clinics went live in early January.

Dates and Location:
Sunday afternoons (typically 3:45-5pm) at West Potomac High School Turf Field

Parents or another designated adult responsible for each girl needs to be at the clinic the entire time.  Dropping girls off for the clinics and picking them up an hour and 15 minutes later is NOT allowed.  If you cannot be at the clinic, please make sure the coach knows which parent or other adult is responsible for your daughter in your absence.

Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten
Girls that have participated in two seasons of Scoopers and that turn 6 by December 31st of last year can participate in the Girls 1/2 (1st and 2nd grade) program.
US Lacrosse Membership:  
For Scoopers we waive the requirement for Scoopers-age girls to be members of US Lacrosse (normally a $25 annual fee).

Almost all of our Scoopers' coaches from last Spring have moved up to the Girls 1/2 program.
So, we'll need a lot of adult volunteers if we plan to have another fun season of Scoopers.
If you're new to lacrosse, don't worry at all.  We'll try to put you with other coaches who have played or coached.
If you're interested in coaching or if you know older HS or Jr High girls who are interested in coaching please send us an email at

Each girl needs a girls lacrosse stick.
There is a difference between boys' sticks and girls' sticks, so please let us know if you have questions. 
Please do NOT bring "fiddle sticks" or other toy sticks.


1.What age group is Scoopers?
Pre-K and K. 
At least 5 years old by June 30th of the current season.

2. Where do I need to live to be eligible to participate?
Girls must be Fairfax County residents of one of the following zip codes: 22303, 22306, 22307, 22308, 22309, 22310
According to Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL), players must fall under the West Potomac, Mount Vernon, Hayfield and Edison HS pyramids. 
We will no longer be able to make exceptions for girls that live outside of these areas.

3. Where are the clinics held?
West Potomac High School

4. What times are the clinics and how long do they last?
3:45-5pm Sunday afternoons

5. How many clinics do you have each season?

This year our clinic schedule is:

3/26 - Clinic #1

4/02 - Clinic #2

4/09 - Off (Spring Break)

4/16 - Off (Easter)

4/23 - Clinic #3

4/30 - Clinic #4

5/07 - Clinic #5

5/14 - Off (Mother's Day)

5/21 - Clinic #6

6. I'm interested in coaching, what do I do?
Send an email to
If you don't have experience, don't worry. At least half of our Scoopers coaches are new to Lacrosse.

7. What do I do if I'm interested in volunteering?
We have volunteer positions that we need to fill each season (Uniforms, Team Parents, Registration, Fields, Equipment, etc.).
Email if you're interested.

8. Are there teams?
We divide the girls into teams or groups by their age.
Each group is usually no more than 6-10 girls with preferably 1 or 2 coaches per group.

9. Are there games or scrimmages?
At this age level it is very challenging to set up games or scrimmages.
Instead, we keep the clinics extremely fun for the girls though and incorporate a lot of fun games, relay races, etc. into each clinic.
Again, these are "CLINICS".

10. What equipment is required?
A"GIRLS" lacrosse stick.
Please do not bring smaller "Fiddle" sticks or "Boys" lacrosse sticks.
It's very important that the Girls learn (even at an early age) how to play with a "Girls" lacrosse stick.
We typically have a few girls show up with "Fiddle" sticks each season and those kids have a more difficult time learning to catch and throw.

11. Do we need mouthguards or protective eyewear?
Mouthguards and eyewear are required for Girls 1/2 through Girls 7/8, but NOT Scoopers.
Since there are no scrimmages or games and since we use soft pink balls, we have not required Scoopers to wear this equipment.

12. When is registration?
Registration went live in early January for the Spring season.  Go to our Home Page and click the red "REGISTER NOW" button to begin the process.