Provide the best possible opportunity for our youth to learn some valuable life lessons, increase their fitness, have fun, and strive to win at this historical North American sport.
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Sandburg MS Turf Field
by FH Lacrosse Commissioners posted 3/1/2014

Fort Hunt is fortunate to use synthetic turf fields.  Here's are some reminders to safeguard use:

  • Snow on field turf:  Do not use turf if there is snow on any portion of it.  Do not attempt to remove snow from turf.  Breaking these rules will jeopardize our field permits.

  • Lighting:  To turn on lighting, these conditions have to exist:

    • Fairfax County centrally programs the local light controller located  outside north-east corner of field.  The program is sometimes set to start at dusk.  However, it could be incorrectly programmed during transition to a new field permit or DST or if county closes field.

    • Depress On / Off button on local light controller.  If you hear a click when depressing button, then the lights will come up slowly.  If you don’t hear a click, then central programming in step one may not have happened or the county closed field.

    • Lights turn off automatically about 15 min after permit ends (generally 9:15pm during spring season).



Adobe PDF file Boys Coach Binder Cover *-  Contains a list of documents that Boys Coaches should have in ready reference

Adobe PDF file Fort Hunt Player Performance Goals *-  This document summarizes our clubs individual player skill perfomance goals by age division.

Adobe PDF file Fort Hunt Warm-Up & Cool Down *-  Exercises for your WU and CD. Boys or Girls.

Adobe PDF file NVYLL Coaches Code of Conduct *

Adobe PDF file TEAM PARENT Duties 2013 *

Adobe PDF file Timer Cheat Sheet (Boys) *-  Give to parents who are manning the table

Adobe PDF file Timer Cheat Sheet (Girls) *

Adobe PDF file US Lacrosse Sideline Manager Job Description 2010 *-  The Sideline Manager's role is to maintain a positive and sportsmanlike environment around the playing field

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.