Provide the best possible opportunity for our youth to learn some valuable life lessons, increase their fitness, have fun, and strive to win at this historical North American sport.
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Welcome to Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse!



Boys, Girls, Coaches.

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About Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse (“forthuntlax”/FHYL)

At Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse, we help kids reach their full potential through the great sport of lacrosse.

In today’s world, video games, “pay to play” sports programs, early sport specialization, and a “win at all costs” mentality can conspire against kids. We believe instead in the age appropriate, long-term athletic development of all of our kids, and are completely against the short term, win at all costs culture.

  • We work hard to ensure all of our players have a consistently high positive experience
  • We grow the sport by bringing lacrosse into new areas for boys and girls to try
  • We study the science of sports and take guidance from our national governing body, U.S. Lacrosse; the U.S. Olympic Committee; and academic institutions like the Aspen Institute and George Washington University.
    • We follow the governing principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM)
    • We partner with other leadership organizations, like USA Hockey, to improve the condition of youth sports one kid at a time
  • We have an aggressive and mandatory coach screening and training program to maximize the experience our kids have on the field
  • We want our kids to get outside, move, sample many sports, compete, and HAVE FUN!


Who Can Join Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse?

If your pre-k, elementary, or middle school aged boy or girl lives within the boundaries of the West Potomac, Mount Vernon, Hayfield or Edison High School pyramids, including Fort Belvoir, they can play Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse.   Confirm your HS Pyramid by entering your address in the Fairfax County school boundary locator at: .


Our goal is to provide the best possible opportunity for our youth to have fun, learn valuable life lessons, increase their physical literacy, improve their lacrosse skills, and compete to win at this historic North American sport.  

"The fastest game on two feet!”



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FFX County Mental Health Symposium 26 Feb
NCS Athletic Services and F.A.S.T is pleased to present:   Athletic...
Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse Spring 2019 registration is OPEN!
To all current and prospective Fort Hunt families: Fort Hunt Youth...
Boys Age Groupings 2019
Round up to next older group.  9U plays with 10U 11U plays...
FFX County Mental Health Symposium 26 Feb

NCS Athletic Services and F.A.S.T is pleased to present:


Athletic Mental Health Symposium


Date:           Tuesday February 26th, 2019


Time:          Check-in: 6:30p.m

Start:       7:00p.m


Location:    Board Auditorium at the Fairfax County Government Center

         12011 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, Va. 22035


Audience:   All Parents, Coaches, and Administrators


Cost:          Free


Join us as we launch the conversation about mental health and the role coaches, parents and sports administrators can play in supporting and encouraging youth athletes as they cope with the struggles and pressures of their early development.

Come and hear from renowned local experts as they help adults who work with student athletes:

·        Understand the pressures facing student athletes in 2019

·        Recognize the warning signs for potential youth in distress

·        Guide athletes to available local resources for assistance


Please find the flyer attached! You can also find information on our website here:


It is time to “have the discussion” as we work toward breaking down misconceptions and barriers regarding mental health in athletics.


We look forward to seeing you on February 26th!


Warmest Regards,


Christopher E. Pulley, M.S

Community Outreach Specialist

Athletic Services Division

Department of Neighborhood and Community Services

703-324-5610 (P)

571-421-5652 ©








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Fort Hunt Families:

Happy New Year and Best Wishes in 2019!

2018 was a good year for Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse. We:

·        Grew player participation 14% year-to-year

·        Reduced the retail cost to register by 21%

·        Finished the year slightly under budget

o   We have cash reserves available to invest more seriously in coach training and certification

§  FHYL is sponsoring several coaches to take training at the annual Lacrosse Convention (LAXCON) in Philadelphia 11-13 January

§  We had the best participation of all 28 Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) at the US Lacrosse Potomac Chapter sponsored annual Marymount Coach meeting and training session in February and expect to repeat that performance

§  We are constantly recruiting new coaches

We are blessed with hundreds of talented young athletes, supportive families and a fine network of dedicated volunteers. Special recognition goes to Jenn Hare who served three plus years above and beyond as our Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse Commissioner and did double duty as the girls commissioner. THANK YOU, JENN!

Girls Commissioner responsibilities transferred smoothly over the summer, with Kelly Facer handling the lion’s share of responsibilities. We thank our boys age group commissioners who made the spring season a success:

Jim Mills, Trevor Kolego, Glen Chambers, Zach Gaumer, and especially Chris Lohmann who does double duty as the 14 U Commissioner and Boys Commissioner.

In 2019 Jim Mills will join Trevor Kolego at 8U and Glen Chambers ages out of 10U. So we need at least two new boys age group commissioners at 6U and 10U. if interested

Kudos go out to:

Kendra Chambers and Heather Condon (uniforms), Larry Arthur (equipment), Chris Olsen (fields), Greg Smith (Girls Fall Ball), Amy and Scotty Bruce (boys evals), Tanya and John Stamos (former Commissioner and FHYA president and current WPHS Head Coach), Susie Jackson and Leslie Schoeffel (FHYAA Treasurer and Business Manager), Keith Byron (membership and data scientist), and Amy and Adam Fazackerly (hosts without equal)

Thanks also to all our coaches, referees, field commissioners, score keepers, timers, team parents, without whom we could not survive. Apologies to any names we missed.


2018 marked our first full year of implementing the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model/American Development Model (LADM/ADM). This is a framework to help us keep the development of every one of our kids center stage.  We follow the guidance of our National Governing Body, US Lacrosse (USL), and the US Olympic Committee (USOC). LADM is oriented to the long-term development of athletes from the youngest child in the “Discovery Phase” through the highest levels of competition and includes lifelong enjoyment of the game (ask about playing “Old Man Lax” with us). LADM is based on six core values:

1.       Program designed for development

2.       Fun and kid-centered

3.       Small-sided and free play

4.       Multi-sport participation

5.       Physical literacy

6.       Coach training

Partly due to the US men’s soccer team failing to qualify for the World Cup, and partly due to the success of the USA Hockey implementation of ADM, the USOC has recently taken a renewed leadership position on youth sports, including the hosting of the first annual Symposium on Youth Sports and ADM at its training center in Colorado Springs in December. They know that building Gold Medal teams starts with kids. The USOC ADM is similarly based on five key elements:

1.       Universal access to create opportunity for all athletes

2.       Developmentally appropriate activities that emphasize motor and foundational skills

3.       Multi-sport participation

4.       Fun, engaging and progressively challenging atmosphere

5.       Quality coaching at all age levels

Parents: If your experience with Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse deviates from any of these foundational values, please contact me right away:

Michael Carucci



What to expect in 2019

·        We will continue our implementation of ADM, partnering with those who embrace the values and avoiding those who don’t

o   We are building a “coalition of the willing” so our kids can compete with kids also being developed along ADM principles

§  We don’t want to be on the field with teams who teach their kids to win at all costs

·        We will reach into communities who do not historically play lacrosse and encourage them to come out and try it

o   Includes simply marketing across public schools in our footprint

§  Includes all neighborhoods in the West Potomac, Mount Vernon, Hayfield, and Edison High School pyramids

§  Attending parent nights to advertise our offering

§  Please pass the word

·        We will implement and enforce a rigorous coach training and certification program    

o   Recruiting more parents new to lacrosse coaching

§  Explaining that it is more about teaching values than technical skills or X’s and O’s

§  Encouraging more women to coach, both boys and girls games

o   More budget dedicated to coach training

§  Incentives to those who train and certify

o   Assigning new and experienced coaches to work together

o   Encouraging high school and college age athletes to coach and consider coaching as a career field

o   Enforcing a successful “green light” background investigation of our adult coaches

·        We will focus on teaching a core set of universal lacrosse fundamentals, so our kids get better and have fun at the same time

o   Learning and competing will happen together

§  Coaches will progressively push the kids out of their comfort zone

§  Kids will be grouped competitively to minimize any imbalance in relative competency

o   Fort Hunt Lacrosse players will begin to progress year-to-year along program guidelines

§  Kids will be able to roll from team to team with very little learning curve required

§  Our 8th graders will be better prepared to compete when they get to high school

·        On the boys side (10U – 14U), we will introduce some subtle changes to the way we put the kids on the field, all dependent on adequate volunteers and field permits

o   We are gradually moving to single-year age groups (versus the current NVYLL two-year age group), largely to mitigate the “Relative Age Effect”

o    In the pre-season, all boys of the same age will be on the field together, grouped in four or five color-coded “pods” based on their relative competitiveness

§  Pods will be adjusted each week based on the coaches’ assessment of each players’ relative competitiveness

§  We will conform to our League Rules ( and roster A, UB, LB teams as required for competition at NVYLL events based on the performance of the players through the pre-season

·        Boys are encouraged to attend all sessions but should make at least three through February so we can appropriately roster them

§  Schedule is tbd but should include at least one weekend afternoon and one weeknight under the lights

o   If the feedback is positive, we will keep the pod system active through the season on a weekly basis

o   Advantages include:

§  Players get access to every coach

§  Every coach sees every player

§  We get better consistency and continuity in our coaching

§  The strongest players on the Upper B team compete with players on the A team; the strongest players on the Lower B team compete with players on the Upper B team

·        Kids are competing with kids at, above, or near their same level of skill and aren’t always the strongest or weakest player on the field

·        Encourages kids to work hard through the season to move up to the more competitive pods

o   The weekly schedule will give parents an additional day to work around conflicts and get their kids out playing lax

§  Kids playing time will not be wholly constrained by the availability of any one adult

o   Boys 10U – 14U should expect to hit the field weekend of 19 Jan, weather permitting

We need volunteers! We can’t run the program without you.

Prospective Coaches: We will train you! If you like being on the field with kids, teaching life skills, we want you!

Please use the coach registration form and simply comment on what role you would like to play.

For non-coach volunteers, ignore the coaching requirements

We will need help with uniforms, tournaments, tailgaters, time-keeping, scoring, field set-up and take down, field marshalling, inventory management, stringing cages, moving cages, lining fields, first aid, repairing the storage container and shed, and more.



Here are some links for further exploration:


·        Changing the Game Podcast with John O’Sullivan: Episode #85 “How to Transform the Culture of Your Youth Sports Program” with Nate Baldwin, Appleton WI Parks and Rec. 10/29/2018



·        USA Hockey article: ADM momentum lifting youth sports nationwide. 12/20/2018















Girls evaluations 26/27 Jan @ WPHS


Best wishes for a safe, rewarding and FUN 2019



Kelly Facer

Girls Lacrosse Commissioner


Chris Lohmann

Boys Lacrosse Commissioner


Michael Carucci

Director of Coaching

Head Lacrosse Commissioner

703-932-4657 (texts preferred)


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Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse Spring 2019 registration is OPEN!

To all current and prospective Fort Hunt families:

Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse Spring 2019 registration is OPEN!

·       Boys Divisions (14U, 12U, 10U, 8U, 6U)

·       Girls Divisions (7th/8th Grade, 5th/6th, 3rd/4th, 1st/2nd, PreK-K  “scoopers”)

·       Coaches (Boys and Girls games)

Click the big red button in the upper right to register

We will have more details about the upcoming season after the holidays.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


For any questions or suggestions, please contact:

Kelly Facer and/or Michael Carucci

Girls and Boys Lacrosse Commissioners

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Boys Age Groupings 2019

Round up to next older group. 

9U plays with 10U

11U plays with 12U

13U plays with 14U

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